The initial visit with the nurse practitioner lasts 60 minutes and consists of a thorough interview and history with time allotted for provider and client to collaborate on a proposed plan of care. The final 10 minutes are reserved for any questions, concerns, or additional information that may have been overlooked in the interview. If the client desires a brief, non-invasive physical exam, this service is an additional $50. If the client prefers to be seen by the physician, these services are $575 without the physical exam, $625 with the physical.



These appointments with the nurse practitioner typically last 20 minutes and are intended to assess the client’s reaction to therapies and medications; modifications to the plan of care will be made as indicated. We use evidence-based, self-reported scales and screening tools to allow the client and provider to track progress objectively. If the client prefers to be seen by the physician, these services are $175 per visit.

We know that the period following an inpatient stay can be difficult.  To best support our clients currently residing in a sober living facility we offer reduced rates.  For those clients who are on a stable medication regimen and who can provide treatment documents from their discharging facility, visits are treated as follow ups and are $90 per visit. An initial evaluation, if necessary, with a nurse practitioner is $300.



Dripping Springs Healthcare nurse practitioners bill $300 per hour for individual therapy.  Licensed therapist and counselor rates will vary by therapist, typically between $100 and $200 per hour.


GROUP THERAPY  $35 per session/$30 per session for 10 or more sessions.

Group therapy is known to be both therapeutically beneficial and cost effective.  Our group therapy offerings will vary according to the needs of our clients and the Dripping Springs community.  


CONCIERGE SERVICES  Billed at physician's rates. Our staff can provide comprehensive outpatient services in the privacy and security of your home or place of business, and can be accommodated within 72 hours of the request for services.


CANCELLATION POLICY  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at 50% of the stated rate.


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